wes seeley eagle craftsman

Wes Seeley believes that "who we are as a person,
is reflected in our artwork."

photo of wes seeley

Born and raised on Quadra Island, the Eagle Craftsman Wes Seeley began woodcarving as a child, carving sailboats and sailing them on the local river. As an adult, he became a logger on the north end of Vancouver Island and his love of wood grew. He developed his craft further, with replicas of fishing boats - complete with rigging, supplies and creature comforts - becoming part of his creative artisans' repetoire.

Eagles are powerful, majestic birds of prey, and Seeley finds himself enthralled with their grandeur. He captures the strength and beauty of these winged creatures in his life-sized, three-dimensional carvings. Each feather is individually hand crafted and placed on the eagle one by one, to give the appearance of the wind working the feathers and the wings.

Only locally sourced materials are used in the carvings. Red and yellow cedar, aromatic cedar and Douglas fir are the woods primarily used in Seeley's pieces.

Seeley says "My goal is to replicate, through my carvings,
the beauty that nature has created in these magnificent birds."

"The Three Dimensional Predator" © Wes Seeley

the three dimensional predator bald eagle wood carving

"Plumed Predator" © Wes Seeley

plumed predator eagle carving by wes seeley

  • Four species of locally sourced, reclaimed wood are used in this carving - red cedar, yellow cedar, Douglas fir and aromatic cedar
  • Each feather is individually handcrafted and fit into place
  • The eagle weighs 6.81 kg. (15 lbs.)
  • It measures 6 feet from wingtip to wingtip and 2 feet from head to tail
  • A coating of clear varathane protects and enhances the wood
  • Over 400 hours were devoted to crafting this unique piece

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Contact Wes Seeley: (250) 890 - 0241

Comox, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada